Business Services


Not only do we provide pest control services to home owners, but we serve many customers from the following industries:


Businesses served:

Gas Stations
Assisted Living Homes
City Offices
Business Offices
Medical Offices
Mechanic Shops
Food Manufacturing


Office Buildings

Offices are made up of many different areas and people. Many call us to take care of their pest issues because office staff complain about seeing bugs in their work areas. But we understand some office employees may not want treatment in their area. We respect the space of every employee in an office and will work with the staff to create a safe and pest free environment.


Most restaurants are required to have some type of pest control. Roach infestations are common, not because the restaurant is unclean but because they are attracted to the grease and foods. Without a regular service an infestation of some type is bound to occur sooner or later simply due to the nature of the business. Some restaurants need general maintenance while others have more specific needs. We cater to both!

Auto Repair

Due to garage doors being open or just difficult to seal, pests become an issue for shops. Rats and mice can find their way into machinery and vehicles inside the shop. While spiders seem to build a web in every nook and cranny. During spring or wet climates, crickets and sow bugs can be a huge and disgusting nuisance. We understand the unique pest problems facing shops and can work with the owners and employees to do what we do best so they can concentrate on what they do best.

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