Animal Trapping and Removal


We specialize in the trapping and removal of nuisance animals in residential as well as commercial applications.  Only non-lethal, Havahart type traps are used and all captured animals are relocated to a suitable area that is not populated by humans.



The most common calls or complaints about critters invading our space are:


1.  First place, has to go to the RACCOON. Raccoon’s seem to be able to survive in just about any condition and has a veracious appetite. They are quite content living in your attic, under the house, or anywhere you can imagine.




2. The second most common, at least in my experience is the elusive, nocturnal RINGTAIL CAT. These little rascals are very intelligent and trap shy. It has taken me quite some time to become successful trapping the Ringtail. Though very rarely seen they are quite plentiful in the Texas Hill Country and various rural areas, and like the Raccoon they are quite at home in the fluffy insulation of your attic or in crawl spaces under pier and beam homes.



3. Next would probably be the STRIPED SKUNK.  Skunks aren’t climbers so they are usually discovered under porches, and again the crawl space under pier and beam houses and manufactured homes. More often than not people are unaware they have a family of skunks in their midst until their dog shows up smelling to high heaven or for some unknown reason the skunk lets it rip under the house.


4. Last but not least comes the OPOSSUM. Possums are climbers and can reside above and below your living room.




All the animals listed above are not only destructive to your property but also can carry and spread many diseases including Rabies. There is no charge to come out to inspect your property and give you an estimate if a problem is discovered so please call for your free estimate.


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