Our Process


1. Visual Inspection

We come out to your home or business and do a thorough inspection before we get started. We explain the process we plan to take and answering any questions you may have.


2. Quote for Services

Since it is almost impossible to give accurate quotes over the phone due to varied construction, landscapes and circumstances, we give quotes for one-time and yearly plans after inspection.


3. Our Products

We have developed a proven, effective and safe method of managing the unique pests of central Texas over the years. We methodically apply the most efficient and least toxic products in a multi-layer barrier around your home.


4. Interior Treatments

The inside of the house is treated around the entrances, windows, and baseboards with a light mist of extremely safe and species targeted product. This means that it only works on insects and arachnids. Attics and voids are treated with a Diatomatious Earth product that is completely non-toxic and will last for years as well as a very low-risk pyrethrum powder for synergistic quick-knockdown effect. At the same time we use completely non-chemical Integrated Pest Management methods around the house to stop what few manage to get inside.


5. Exterior Treatments

Outside we use a combination of surface bonding mix around the entrances, windows and slab with a mixed pyrethrum granule that will work in extreme heat or pouring rain. Over and outside of the granules we use a potent but safe area treatment using our powered sprayer systems which will create a 5-10 yard barrier around the entire house. We have refined this over the years for maximum effectiveness against the toughest critters like scorpions and centipedes.


In addition, we add surfactants which allows the treatment to bond to foliage, rock, and even raw soil. We have not seen any other pest control service using this technique and we feel that it makes our service unique.


6. Experience

We have 15 years combined experience with many different types of houses and can apply our knowledge to tailor our treatment to your home's personality. This includes high slabs, steep hills, crawlspaces, multiple attics, peer and beam voids, or any other unique central Texas construction.


We have seen it all.
Remember, this is YOUR house, and we aim to keep it as free from invaders as possible.


Pickett's Pest Control is now also offering Mosquito Fogging.  
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